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Wisconsin SAF Recognition Opportunities:

Contact WI SAF Awards Chair: Gary Vander Wyst (Gary.VanderWyst@wisconsin.gov)


John Macon Award

This is an award that is unique to Wisconsin to recognize an outstanding member from the Wisconsin Society of American Foresters for their outstanding contributions to forestry in Wisconsin.  The award is funded by an endowment from the estate of John W. Macon, a former Timberlands Manager for Consolidated Papers.

This award was established in 1979.  A listing of past recipients is included below. 

To nominate someone for this award, you need to send a biographical sketch of the individual and the reason why you're nominating them for the award to State Awards Chair.  Nominations need to be submitted by December 31 each year.  The sketch should outline the career of the nominee and anything else about them that'll help distinguish him or her for the award.  Once the recipient is chosen, a plaque and certificate are presented at the Spring statewide meeting.

Macon Award Nomination Procedure (PDF)

Recipients of the John Macon Award:

  • 1981         Bill Sylvester
  • 1982         Bob Petry
  • 1983         Frank Fixmer
  • 1984         Jay Cravens
  • 1985         Ralph Swanson
  • 1986         Milton Reinke
  • 1988         James Hovind
  • 1991         John Seaman
  • 1993         Christy Hauge
  • 1996         Al Nelson
  • 1997         Charlie Higgs
  • 1998         Al Barden
  • 1999         John Kotar
  • 2000         John Grosman
  • 2002         Miles Benson
  • 2004         Gene Francisco
  • 2005         Robert Engelhard
  • 2006         Jane Cummings Carlson
  • 2007         Ronald Jones
  • 2008         Allan Waelchli
  • 2009         James “Jay” Gallagher
  • 2010         John E. Houghton
  • 2012         Awaiting Nominees

Mike King WI-SAF Field Forester of the Year Award

King Award Nomination Procedure (PDF)

This award is unique to our State and will recognize an outstanding member from the
Wisconsin Society of American Foresters (WI-SAF) for their outstanding contributions to
field forestry. Practitioners often operate in nearly complete anonymity, yet their actions
are one of the most important and visible contributions to the viability and understanding
of our profession. This is where forestry truly happens and it is important that WI-SAF
recognize those who perform the art and science of forestry each and every day. The
award is funded by an investment from the WI-SAF.

Recipients of the King Award:

  • 2006       Ray Amiel
  • 2007       Nina Stensberg
  • 2008       Julie Peltier
  • 2009       Mark Gawron
  • 2010       Kimberly “Kim” Quast
  • 2011       Sue Crowley
  • 2012       Awaiting Nominees

SAF Fellow

Outstanding contributions to the Society of American Foresters are recognized through the title of Fellow. Those members who have provided outstanding contributions to the Society and to the forestry profession are recognized with the title of Fellow. Candidates are determined by a District Fellow Committee within each SAF Voting District.

Fellow Award Procedure (PDF)

WI SAF Fellows, by year of award, are:

  • 1982       Sylvester, William A.

  • 1984       Cravens, Jay H.

  • 1985       Engelhard, Robert J.

  • 1985       Peterson, Donald E.

  • 1985       Swanson, Ralph G.

  • 1988       Einspahr, Dean W.

  • 1988       Ziemann, Frederick

  • 1989       Lovestead, Howard S.

  • 1989       Roberts, Russell H.

  • 1989       Thiede, Gerald J. SF

  • 1990       Vrablec, John J.

  • 1991       Connaughton, Kent P.

  • 1991       Hovde, Sydney B.

  • 1991       Moore, J. Terry

  • 1995       Vande Hei, Gerald L.

  • 1997       Schumann, David R.

  • 2000       Grosman, John M.

  • 2000       Reinke, Milton E.

  • 2001       Nelson, Alvin E.

  • 2002       Barden, Alvin L.

  • 2002       Meier, Richard J.

  • 2003       Kiefer, Willard D.

  • 2006       Czysz, David J. CF

  • 2006       Rogers, Robert CF

  • 2008       Kotar, John CF

  • 2009       Gallagher, James M. CF

  • 2009       Radcliffe, Samuel J.

  • 2012       Vander Wyst, Gary J., CF






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