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CFE (Continuing Forestry Education)

Melinda Vokoun, State CFE Coordinator


  • If your chapter (or your employer) is hosting a meeting, send Melinda the agenda ahead of time to evaluate the CFE content.  (Melinda.Vokoun@uwsp.edu)



  • SAF now recognizes a new credential in addition to Certified Forester.  The Candidate Certified Forester (CCF) meets all requirements of the Certified Forester except work experience.  That is, a CCF has the degree, passes the exam, pledges to follow the standards, and pays the same fees as a regular Certified Forester, but has less than 5 years of professional experience.  Go to www.safnet.org/certifiedforester/index.cfm for details.


  • The SAF program that recognizes continuing forestry education through the issuance of a certificate is now called the Outstanding Professional Development Recognition Program.  Requirements are the same as before, but the fee has increased from $15 to $25.  Applications for a certificate no longer need to go through the local CFE coordinator, but should be sent directly to Pat Cillay at the national office.  Download an application at www.safnet.org/education/conforedu.cfm.


Certificate Requirements

  • Outstanding Professional Development Certificate - 150 CFE hours in a 3-year period.  ($25 fee for SAF members, $40 for non-members)
  • SAF Certified Forester - B.S. + 5 years experience + written exam + 60 CFE hours every 3 years.  ($260 fee initially, $35 annually, $50 for 3rd-year re-certification [higher fees for non-SAF members])


 See the national SAF web site for more details www.safnet.org





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