Presentations from Past SAF Statewide Meetings

Red Pine Management

August 14 &15, 2012 - Holiday Inn Stevens Point, WI


Midwest Jack Pine Symposium

August 25-26, 2009 - Odanah, WI



Forest Management Solutions for Mitigating Climate Change in Wisconsin: Are Trees the Answer?

November 11-12, 2008 - Stevens Point

  • Global Climate Change, Speaker: Carol Barford, University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • The big picture.  Why is this such an urgent problem that we must solve sooner rather than later?
  • Potential Effects of Climate Change on Forests, Speaker: David Mladenoff, UW-Madison
    • What will be the Social, Ecological and Economic impacts of global warming on our national, regional and state forest resources? How can we begin to prepare for these changes?
  • Life-Cycle Thinking:  What is it and Why Should I Care?  Speakers: Steve Hubbard and Scott Bowe  UW-Madison
    • The inputs and outputs required to produce a finished forest product can be quantified using life-cycle analysis.  Studies of this type focus on carbon and energy balances often showing how wood is a beneficial material over other product alternatives.
  • Preventing Green House Gas Emissions through Biomass Substitution: Speaker: Mark Knaebe, USFS, Forest Products Lab, Madison
    • GHG emissions can be reduced through the substitution of biomass for fossil fuels that emit more GHG per functional unit.  What are the opportunities and challenges associated with this substitution?  Is it a viable option?
  • Preventing Green House Gas Emissions Through Wildfire Behavior Modification.  Speaker: Jessica Holofsky, USFS, Seattle Washington
    • Wildland Fires and Rx Fires are a major contributor to national and international GHG emissions.  What are some active forest and wildland fire management strategies that can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions?
  • Preventing Green House Gas Emissions Through Avoided Land Use Change: Speaker: Amanda Cundiff, USFS – State and Private
    • Land use changes from forest to non-forest uses releases forest stored GHG’s into the atmosphere.  What public policies are needed to keep Forests in Forests?
  • Reducing Atmospheric Green House Gases Through Sequestration - Speaker: Maria Janowiak, Research Forester– Northern Institute of Applied Carbon Science, USFS Houghton MI.
    • Previous speakers have evaluated the role of forests and forest products in preventing GHG emissions through wood substitution, biomass substitution, modification of wildfire behavior, and avoiding land use change.  This talk considers the role of forests and forest products in reducing GHG emissions. 
  • Introduction to Programs and Markets for Carbon and They Impact Forest Carbon Offset Projects - Speaker: Allison Hellman – Policy Advisor, DNR, Div. of Forestry
    • Historically command-and-control regulation has been the approach to regulating emissions and discharge of pollution into the environment in the US. While effective in achieving reductions in pollution, these acts prescribe technology-based and performance-based standards to pollution abatement in ways that stifle innovation and discourage the development of better, lower-cost technologies. Market based instruments encourage the desired behavior through market signals rather than through explicit directives for pollution levels or control methods.
  • Carbon Credit Markets:  A New Revenue Opportunity for Land Owners - Speaker: Dave Krog, CEO, AgraGate Climate Credits Corporation, West Des Moines, IA
    • What Foresters and Woodland owners should know about turning forests into carbon credits?  You can have your cake and eat it too.
  • Draft Woody Biomass Guidelines Developed for Wisconsin - Speaker: Jane Severt, Executive Director, WI County Forests Association
    • How much woody biomass can be sustainably extracted from Wisconsin’s Forests without depleting the Forest for future generations?  The Governors Council on Forestry is looking for your input on these draft voluntary BMP’s.
  • Innovations in Harvesting Equipment To Extract Woody Biomass from Wisconsin Forests - Speaker:  Stacy Wagler, Ponsse Corporation
    • What is happening around the world?  The equipment and harvesting revolution... What you can expect to see in a forest near you in the coming years.  What are the costs?



Northeast Chapter Fall 2008 Annual Chapter Meeting, Sept. 10th, 2008 Carter, WI

Slide from Scott Bowe's Presentation


The Effects of Change in Forest Ownership

March 19-20, 2008 @ Country Springs Hotel, Pewaukee

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Soil Compaction and Productivity: Clarifying When You Might be Out of Bounds

March 6-8, 2007 - Stoney Creek Inn - Mosinee, Wisconsin (PDF Files)


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Michigan SAF Spring Conference

June 9 & 10, 2005, St. Ignace, Michigan


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Conference Summary by Bob MacGregor and Eunice Padley




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